Canada Goose Expands West with Permanent and Pop-Up Stores

The winter goods retailer is opening new permanent stores in Las Vegas and Denver, and pop-up stores in Aspen, Colorado, and Detroit.
canada goose storefront
  • Outdoor gear retailer Canada Goose is expanding west. 
  • The company is opening new stores in Las Vegas and Denver and two pop-up shops. 
  • The Las Vegas store will have an area with a -10ºF temperature for shoppers to try out the cold-weather products.

Canada Goose is continuing to push west in the U.S., opening permanent stores in Las Vegas and Denver, as well as pop-up stores in Aspen, Colorado, and Detroit. 

In addition to the new locations, the brand also is expanding its product categories, including lightweight down, apparel, footwear and designer collaborations, according to a release. The retailer said the new locations and products will highlight its all-season offerings. 

"This season's openings across the U.S. are an invitation to experience our beloved brand, powerful product and exceptional experience, first-hand. They offer an opportunity to own a piece of the luxury of Canada," said Carrie Baker, president of Canada Goose, in the release. "Each of these cities are iconic in their own right and are the perfect locations to help us reach new heights and audiences."

First half-year sales at Canada Goose that ended at the beginning of October were up 20% at more than $250 million, according to a report from Forbes. The company, however, in its latest earnings report warned about lingering issues with sales in China related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales in the Asia-Pacific region were the retailer’s biggest revenue source in 2021, according to the Forbes report.

The Las Vegas location will open at The Shops at Wynn Las Vegas on Nov. 5, followed by the Denver location opening in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center sometime in December. The temporary pop-up locations will open in Detroit and Aspen by the end of the year.

Canada Goose said shoppers at the Las Vegas store would experience temperatures as low as -10ºF and daily snowfall in its Snow Room, where the retailer says customers can test out its cold weather gear. The new stores feature a “museum-like design” that will include items from the brand’s art collection that represent the Canadian North, according to the release. 

The Las Vegas store will feature a piece entitled “Uvagut” from the Inuit artist Gayle Uyagaki Kabloona. The Denver store will display two paintings from the artist Jordan Bennet. Both stores will also have sculptures created by Inuit artists. 

The new stores will stock Canada Goose’s typical products for men, women and children, and they’ll also have the retailer’s new fall/winter women’s collection. Knitted beanies that have the name of the cities will also be available at the Las Vegas and Aspen stores, according to the release.