Costco steps up scrutiny of toxic chemicals

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Costco steps up scrutiny of toxic chemicals


Costco has introduced a screening program to test goods from personal care and cleaning products to clothing, the company announced on its website. Costco said it already vets for chemicals such as formaldehyde and BPA that are regulated in markets where it operates.

While the company didn’t specify which chemicals it was testing for, Costco notes that it has been updating its Costco Restricted Chemical List to keep up with global regulatory changes and challenges for chemical restrictions in consumer products.

Under the Costco Smart Screening Program, the company say it is working with “major third-party laboratories” to scrutinize products.

The warehouse store says that products from children and adult apparel, bedding, home goods, furniture, personal care products, cleaning products, and other items will be physically tested against a list of over 300 chemicals of concern.

If chemicals of concern are found in the products, the Smart Screening Program will provide a list of replacement chemicals that manufacturers can use.


“We continue to work with the chemical and consumer product industries to increase our understanding in this area and to find more environmentally friendly alternatives for chemicals and practices of concern,” the company said on its website.