Coupons: Coupons Getting Discounted

Less than half of survey respondents still offer them, and their formats vary wildly in every respect.

Perhaps no aspect of CPG retailing is in a greater state of flux than coupons–what form they should take, where they should come from, and whether they should even exist.

Less than half (43.9 percent) of the respondents to this issue's exclusive Retail Leader survey offer coupons on a regular basis. Coupon sources are roughly evenly divided among retailers (65 percent), product manufacturers (50 percent) and third parties (45 percent).

One of the biggest decisions to make? Print vs. pixels. Respondents reported strong activity in both, with 83.3 percent offering digital coupons and 77.8 percent offering printed versions in newspapers or free-standing inserts.

Print coupons have a higher redemption rate, say 52.4 percent of respondents. Only 19 percent said digital coupons were redeemed at a higher rate.

Q: Does your company currently issue coupons on a regular basis?
Q: Do you ever engage in these strategies?
Q:If you don't offer coupons, why not?
How would you describe current business conditions?
Where do you expect to see business conditions for the next six months?