Digital Transformation Glossary: O

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Digital Transformation Glossary: O

Offline touch point

Information about a company that is encountered by a customer while interacting with an offline customer contact point, such as a sign or a radio commercial.

Omnichannel retail identity management

Solution that helps retailers build personalized shopping experiences across various channels to enhance revenue stream and brand loyalty.

Omnichannel retailing

Establishing a presence on several channels and platforms (i.e., brick-and-mortar, mobile, online, catalog) and enabling customers to transact, interact and engage across these channels simultaneously or even interchangeably.

One-click checkout (one-click buying)

Technique of allowing a customer to make online purchases with a single click, without having to use shopping cart software.

Online marketplace

Type of e-commerce site where multiple third parties provide product or service information while transactions are processed by the marketplace operator.

Online order management system (OMS)

Web platform-based electronic order system that executes online orders efficiently and cost-effectively.