Driving the Retail Food Industry Forward

The Grocery Manufacturers Association is the voice of more than 300 businesses in the consumer packaged goods industry and closely related fields. We pride ourselves on serving large, international brands and regional brands, as well as private label manufacturers, foodservice companies and industry service providers from consulting, technology, logistics and other sectors. Among the common goals shared by manufacturers, retailers and their suppliers is the quest for new and sustainable business growth.

GMA helps its members grow their business by tapping into market trends and changing consumer attitudes.

This mission is why GMA is pleased to partner with Stagnito Media in the launch of this profound new magazine and digital resource— Retail Leader. It specifically addresses the issues, ideas and thought leadership that are of such critical importance to top executives in the retail and allied industries.

GMA helps its members grow their business by tapping into market trends and changing consumer attitudes. And, in partnership with its members, GMA conducts comprehensive and cutting-edge research that leads to greater efficiency in bringing consumer products to market, allowing trading partners to reduce costs and more effectively manage inventory along the supply chain. Moving forward, Retail Leader will be an important part of this collaborative process.

Since 1908, GMA has helped guide, mobilize and inspire the consumer packaged goods industry in the United States and abroad. Many of our members have been with GMA for 100 years or more. We are proud of the value they see in their membership and of the work we've done together over the years to serve the needs of consumers and the industry. To that end, GMA and its members are committed to ensuring that consumers have safe, healthy food and grocery options.

Retail Leader represents a major step in our commitment to furthering the positive growth of the retail industry. We are proud to support it, and include it as an additional member benefit.


Pamela G. Bailey
GMA President and CEO