Hand In Hand with Government Agencies:

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Hand In Hand with Government Agencies:

By Hilary Thesmar, Ph.D. R.D. - 03/01/2015

By working with government agencies on issues facing the food retail industry, we're able to demonstrate how government rules and regulations play out in the food retail environment and can work together to find big solutions to cross-cutting issues. Food Marketing Institute's Hilary Thesmar and David Fikes take a closer look at FMI's efforts to work hand-in hand with government agencies.

Hand In Hand on Food Safety

With an expanding regulatory environment, the retail food industry can better position itself by developing relationships with local, state and federal regulatory agencies. Although these industry-government relationships seem unnatural, government agencies can help retailers navigate through regulatory requirements, creating less confusion. Similarly, the retail industry can help ensure more efficient and effective regulatory rules.

Effective industry-government relationships that work to improve food safety are built on the foundation of trust, which cannot be achieved overnight. Building trust takes time and a commitment by both parties to engage in an open dialogue, setting aside differences in order to strengthen food safety. Both industry and government representatives have a vested interest in the safety of food and by working together and sharing responsibility, a greater impact on public health results.

In the food safety arena, perhaps the closest government agency and food retailer relationship is between grocers and local inspectors. At the FMI Foundation Retail Food Safety Forum we're joined by the Association of Food and Drug Officials and the Dupage County Health Department for a session on the relationship between food retailers and inspectors. We'll explore what collaborative relationships with government look like and examine the stay-at-arms-length approach. Attendees learn how current regulatory officials and food retailers can form relationships that work to improve food safety for us all.

Hilary Thesmar,

PhD, RD, FMI Vice President,
Food Safety Programs

Join us at the FMI Foundation Retail Food Safety Forum, June 9-10, 2015, JW Marriott, Chicago.