Ikea Boxes Up Retail Experience with Meatball-Scented Candle

Ikea is recreating the in-store retail experience in an innovative box that includes a Swedish meatball-scented candle.
meat-ball scented candle

The Ikea in a box is an immersive sensory experience targeting Ikea’s loyalty program customers, called Family Members. The Huvudroll candles, which smell like the retailer’s iconic Swedish meatballs, can be won by members who enter the retailer’s contest from August 6 to 22 in honor of the program’s 10-year anniversary.

New members can also enter the contest and win a candle as a standalone prize or part of a larger package with other Ikea prizes. All the prizes aim to recreate the experience of an Ikea store at home.

The gimmick is spearheaded by advertising agency Ogilvy, which has worked with Ikea in the past to create “vacations in a box” as a way for consumers to feel like they were traveling the world without ever leaving home. 

The promotion is an out-of-the-box innovation for the retail industry that will likely help attract new loyalty program customers. Ikea also offers other exclusive items for its Family Member customers. 

See the meatball-scented candle photos below: