Kingsford Debuts DTC Charcoal

Kingsford Debuts DTC Charcoal
Kingsford's Pallet Present includes an entire pallet of Original Charcoal (48 16-pound bags) or Pellets Classic Blend (56 20-pound bags).

Kingsford is jumping on the direct-to-consumer (DTC) bandwagon that has been recently trending with brands by offering full pallets of both its charcoal and pellets for home delivery for the first time ever. The move supports growing evidence that the pandemic is changing consumer behavior. 

Other brands that have delved into the DTC space include Ocean Spray, Pepsi, Impossible Foods, Louis XIII and Del Monte Fresh Produce

"Kingsford grilling is a four-seasons lifestyle. Our fans have spoken, and we listened — they want a better way to get more of the charcoal and pellets they love, and we obliged," said Rachel Shahvar, associate marketing director at Oakland, California-based Kingsford Products Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Clorox Co.  

Available for a limited time on the Kingsford Shop website, Kingsford's Pallet Present is priced at $400 and comes wrapped in a weatherproof cover. Taking pandemic pantry loading to the next level, the delivery includes an entire pallet of Kingsford Original Charcoal (48 16-pound bags) or Kingsford Pellets Classic Blend (56 20-pound bags).

Kingsford’s move follows the release of Consumer Brands Association IPSOS survey data that revealed more than a third of U.S consumers are again stockpiling essential products.

The most in-demand products that the survey data found included toilet paper, cleaning and disinfecting products, hand sanitizer and soap, paper towels, and shelf-stable foods. With its new Pallet Present, Kingsford is setting itself up to meet the growing list of essential products during this holiday season.

In October, Kingsford partnered with recteq, a pellet grill and outdoor lifestyle brand. The duo is creating unique recipes and how-to content on such topics as homegating, Thanksgiving and holidays.

Kingsford’s Pallet Present is part of a new collection of clothing and accessories available online at the Kingsford Shop. The new Kingsford-branded hats, shirts, outerwear and drinkware are produced by such brands as New Era, Yeti and American Apparel.

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