A collection of news, articles and other featured content about March 2013.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about March 2013.

March 2013

  • 4 Problems, 4 Solutions

    What's your biggest challenge?
  • Retailers Face Endless Technology Possibilities

    Retailers in 2012 relied on new technologies to grab consumers' attention, drive their purchase decisions and improve supply-chain logistics. As a result, the market is awash in options for grocery and CPG companies that need to reach consumers, manage their social media presence, organize an in
  • An Aisle for Every Shopper

    In 1960, America was all about the traditional family who lived in the suburbs, watched "Father Knows Best" and faithfully shopped at National Supermarkets or A&P.
  • The State of Retailer-Supplier Collaboration

    Collaboration can be essential to success yet seemingly so hard to accomplish in the ever-changing, highly competitive world of grocery retailing today. Most retailers and suppliers agree that working together is a good thing, but it is easier said than done, according to The Boston Consulting Grou
  • A Year of Retrenchment and Strategic Rethinking

    Economic pressures resulted in major retailers revising their strategic plans in 2012, with several chains announcing decisions to sell underperforming banners.
  • Retailers Choose Safe, Healthy Paths in 2012

    This issue presents a look back at 2012 and analyzes the most important developments in the food industry. In many ways, 2012 was the year of the independents, with promising growth experienced by grocery and c-stores.
  • Managing Labor Trends

    Two seemingly disparate employment trends converged in 2012, spurring companies to actively recruit skilled labor and workers with management potential while asking their employees to do more with less. More than half of U.S.
  • CPG Industry Advocates Responsible Public Policy Solutions

    Random House Dictionary defines public policy as "the fundamental policy on which laws rest, especially policy not yet enunciated in specific rules." Throughout the United States and the world, we are experiencing a zenith of public policy activity that has far-reaching consequences for the consum
  • Competing in the Information Age

    From the retailer's perspective, today's price-sensitive shoppers want it all. Specifically, consumers want healthy products competitively priced, convenient store locations, loyalty rewards and excellent service, including help deciphering confusing labels, according to a 2012 Nielsen report, &qu
  • A Look at What's Past...for the Future

    Welcome to Retail Leader's first special issue of the year, our 2012 Annual Report. The issue was born out of the desire to offer our readers a look at the most critical challenges that affected the industry last year.
  • Weathering Global Challenges

    As recession, austerity measures and inflation played havoc with household budgets throughout much of Europe in 2012, individual grocery chains tried various strategies to promote sales and maintain profits. Price, however, was a common denominator in those strategies, with coupons, promotions, a q

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about March 2013.