March / April 2012

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March / April 2012

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about March / April 2012.

According to our research, the major trends of interest to retail food companies include food safety, store brands, channel management, consumer perception of price/value relationships and nutrition, health and wellness.

Dennis J. Belcastro
Executive Vice President
Industry Affairs & Collaboration

Given the economy's slow growth, grocery retailers and food manufacturers increasingly are refocusing efforts by shedding underperforming units and spinning off viable stand-alone businesses.

Retailers in the United Kingdom face formidable challenges as they struggle to keep sales on pace amid food inflation and economic uncertainty, but some indicators suggest the worst might be over. In general, discounters and discounting have come on strong as the U.K.

As consumers look for ways to stay within constrained grocery budgets, they are embracing the merchandising efforts of retailers and CPG companies.

When purchasing technology, the decision isn't just about the service that new systems or applications provide.

The success of new products is never a given. The risk associated with innovation can become magnified by a difficult economy, when budget cuts are the norm for both manufacturers and consumers.

These days, employee apathy is a worldwide problem.

Tough economic times often bring consolidation as stronger players gobble up struggling competitors.

As consumers embrace mobile apps on their smart phones and tablet devices for more than just fun and games, grocery retailers are examining ways to deliver messages effectively. Similar to the early days of the commercial Internet a decade and a half ago, the nearly 1 million mobile apps availa

Consumers might set out to buy good-tasting foods and beverages, but increasingly it's the packaging that seals the deal.

Retailers today are confronting a series of demographic changes, most notably wage stagnation.

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