Meal kit industry goes to the dogs

Gina Acosta
Executive Editor
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A new Texas-based dog food company has launched meal kits for dogs.

Grocery Pup says it makes fresh human-grade meals with whole food ingredients and healthy supplements. Grocery Pup packages and delivers the food via FedEx, similar to how Blue Apron and other meal kit companies do. Pricing is based on a dog's calorie needs with plans starting at $2.60 per day. They also offer half plans for dogs that are 25 pounds and up.

Grocery Pup says its meals have been formulated by a veterinarian nutritionist to guarantee they are nutritionally complete and balanced.

"Unlike dry, canned or dehydrated food, this food isn't heavily processed and all meals have easy to see and understand ingredients so you know what you're feeding your dog," said Ruth Stedman, Founder and CEO of Grocery Pup, picture above. "Unlike raw food, it's more convenient, less expensive, and you don't have to worry about salmonella or listeria since the food is cooked at low-heat."

The company currently offers two meal recipes:

  • Bitchin' Beef Stew made with 90% lean ground beef, veggies, and potatoes that is sure to leave your dog saying "mmmm…that's bitchin' yummy."
  • Turkey Pawella made with 93% lean ground turkey, veggies and rice that will leave your pup joyously dancing the flamenco after one bite. 


"Traditionally dog food has been made from what can't go into human food like dead, dying, and diseased animals. That makes for some nasty stuff like carcinogens trickling down to our dog's food. Grocery Pup fixes this by using only human-grade ingredients," said Stedman.