Meijer lights the way on sustainability

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Meijer lights the way on sustainability

By Louisa Hallett - 07/18/2018
Meijer plans to transition the interior lighting of its retail locations to all LED by 2021.

Meijer has increased its commitment to sustainability with a major initiative that will dramatically curtail energy usage at its more than 230 superstores.

Meijer plans to transition the interior lighting of its retail locations to all LED by 2021. This transition will affect all Meijer stores across the retailer’s six-state footprint. Meijer expects the change will reduce its lighting electrical use by as much a 50 percent annually.

The LED transition is the latest initiative in the retailer’s long-standing commitment to sound environmental practices. The company says that they regularly apply innovative and sustainable procedures into its store and supply chain operation, such as constructing energy efficient building, using an industry-leading, low-emissions truck fleet and offering a wide selection of local and sustainable product offerings.

Sustainability has been a goal for many big name retailers, such as Starbucks, who recently announced their goal to eliminate plastic straws within their company by the year 2020. This new environmentally friendly movement has caught on through recent viral videos, such as the YouTube video of an environmental researcher pulling a plastic straw out of a sea turtle's nose.

Since 2005, Meijer says they have made great strides in energy efficiency, by decreasing energy usage in stores by 25 percent per square foot. In 2014, Meijer expanded its selection of energy-efficient light bulbs for customers by partnering with GE Lighting, a division of General Electric, to redesign and expand its retail lighting aisle.

As part of a $50 million remodeling project at four supercenters in the Dayton market, Va., area, Meijer announced that its Beavercreek store is the company's first to feature all-LED lighting.

"Our Beavercreek location served as a great test that led us down the path to planning a full-chain transition across our six-state footprint," said Rick Keyes, President & CEO of Meijer. "The lighting quality made possible by LEDs enhances the shopping experience for our customers and the work environment for team members, while significantly decreasing energy usage."

The four-year project launched in June with the company's 100+ Michigan stores. The retailer will phase in other Meijer locations state-by-state within its six-state footprint so the stores can remain open during the installation process.

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