A new way to attract brick-and-mortar traffic

Gina Acosta
Executive Editor
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A startup in Silicon Valley is teaming up with a shopping center to give consumers another reason to hit brick-and mortar stores: gassing up.

A new app called Booster will now deliver premium fuel to cars parked at Great Mall in Milpitas, Calif., allowing shoppers to check one more thing off their to-do list while at the retail center.

Consumers can simply park, request gas with a quick tap on the Booster app, and move on with their shopping trip. When they finish at Great Mall, their car will be fueled and ready to go.

“Great Mall offers an excellent shopping, dining and entertainment experience and Booster complements that experience by allowing shoppers to enjoy everything the mall has to offer while we take care of fueling their tank. Now you can check one more chore off the to-do list while having a great time at the Great Mall,” said Frank Mycroft, CEO, Booster. "Using Booster is easy. Shoppers request a ‘boost’ through the app when they get to the mall, use the app to pin their car location, and then Booster’s purple mini-tankers will deliver gas to the car while they shop. Consumers will pay the same or less than what they would have paid at the nearest gas stations."

This announcement marks Booster’s entrance into the retail world.

The company started two years ago on a mission to help busy professionals take back some of their time. They have been delivering gas to office parking lots so employees can focus on more important things like work deadlines, appointments and getting home to family.

Since its launch, Booster has experienced tremendous growth and has delivered more than 7 million gallons of gas, the company says. It currently serves more than 300 large employers including Cisco, Oracle, Gilead, eBay, PepsiCo, Facebook, as well as most of the Fortune 100 companies based in Booster’s service regions of Dallas-Fort Worth and the San Francisco Bay.

“At the end of the day, getting gas is a mundane but stressful chore that takes time away from what matters” said Mycroft. “We want to help customers spend more time doing things they actually want to do and avoid some of the hassle that comes with fueling your tank.”