No more free balloons at Kroger

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No more free balloons at Kroger

By Gina Acosta - 05/14/2018
Kroger reportedly has been laying off pharmacists and ending floral supplier contracts.

Kroger is making changes to its operational strategy to keep its stores more competitive.  

According to a new article in the Dallas Morning News, Kroger laid off 17 of its 300-plus Dallas-Fort Worth pharmacists two weeks ago, shed long-term local floral supplier contracts — some were 20- and 30-year relationships — and even stopped giving free Kroger helium balloons to children.

Kroger has continued to “closely monitor ongoing changes taking place in the health care industry,” Kroger spokeswoman April Martin Nickels said in an emailed response to the Morning News.

The decision to lay off pharmacists “was not determined lightly,” she said. “However, in such a competitive retail business, in some instances, our company has to make difficult decisions to ensure that the company remains competitive into the future and that the business can continue to provide good value to our customers.”

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