A collection of news, articles and other featured content about November / December 2014.

November / December 2014

  • Kroger's Experiment at Bridging the Gap

    Turkey Hill Markets are a way for Kroger to experiment with a store size that falls between supermarkets and c-stores.
  • Are You Asking the Right Questions about the Food Safety Modernization Act?

    The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is the most sweeping change to food safety laws in more than 70 years. FSMA fundamentally changes the way food is regulated in the U.S. and abroad and impacts the entire supply chain from farm-to-fork.
  • Looking for the ONE

    Ah, love. When you have it, life can be blissful. But when you don't, it can be heartbreak. And when you're looking for it, it's all a game.
  • Walmart Looking to Downsize

    Throughout most of its history, Walmart has striven to be two things: the place with everything, and the place where everything is cheapest. The second imperative is still very much in place.
  • Simulating a Crisis: Why Practice Equates to Preparedness

    Communications and consumer affairs professionals in food retail never know when they might be dealing with a crisis, and regardless of the type of crisis a company faces, one thing is true: Simulating a crisis can better help you prepare for one.
  • Teaming Up

    The frozen yogurt kiosks cropping up in convenience stores during the past year are proof of the power of collaboration in innovation. The kiosks were the brainchild of a frozen yogurt machine manufacturer, Argosy Group International, which tweaked its earlier froyo model after it learned a sin
  • No smoke and Mirrors

    Visitors to the website of CVS Health are greeted with icons near the bottom of the page. One says "We're Tobacco Free" and another says "Let's Quit Together." The first refers to CVS' decision, announced in February, to stop selling tobacco products.
  • Reduce, Recover, Reuse Food Waste

    As founding members of the Food Waste Reduction Alliance – Food Marketing Institute, Grocery Manufacturers Association and the National Restaurant Association – launched a series of infographics that capture key findings of a new report, the "2014 Analysis of U.S.
  • Culture club

    Have you ever looked at your business as an aquarium teeming with life? It's an analogy that Larry Johnson, president of Johnson Training Group in Phoenix, Ariz., uses when asked to explain corporate culture. "Corporate culture is the entire environment in which an organization operates," sa
  • Will Health Care Get Walmarted?

    Walmart plans to institute 17 Care Clinics by the end of the fiscal year.
  • FMI Community Outreach Awards Celebrate Retailer's Role of Enriching Lives

    Retailers understand the importance of aligning values and building consumer trust as an integral part of demonstrating competence and deepening customer loyalty.
  • How to Win Shoppers and Influence the World

    In 1982, Johnson & Johnson experienced what can only be described as an absolute nightmare scenario: Seven people in Chicago died after ingesting cyanide-laced Tylenol.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about November / December 2014.