Royal Farms Rolls Out Self-Checkout Tech to All Stores

Royal Farms, a privately-owned convenience store chain, is rolling out self-checkout technology to all its stores.
Checkout tech

With more than 250 locations, Royal Farms has partnered with NCR, a software- and services-led enterprise provider in the financial, retail and hospitality industries, to adopt the checkout solutions. Royal Farms has locations in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

Royal Farms already uses enterprise point-of-sale software­­ from NCR. The technology investment comes as customers are still looking to reduce their touch points when making purchases due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We introduced the first NCR self-checkout solutions in 2019, and while we saw direct benefits in the same year, it really took off in 2021 when many of our customers steered to touch-free interactions,” Shelby Kemp, project manager marketing at Royal Farms, said in a statement. 

Self-service technologies are likely to continue taking off in the coming years as customers desire more efficient processes and contactless retail experiences. Retailers continue to look for investment opportunities to adapt to the new consumer demands.

“Retailers like Royal Farms must stay laser-focused on placing the consumer at the heart of their digital transformation efforts,” David Wilkinson, president and general manager of NCR Retail, said in a press release. “As a leading technology provider for the retail industry, we help stores extend and add new technology like self-checkout quickly.” 


Editor's Note: A previous version of this article mistakenly referred to Royal Farms as Royal Palms. We regret the error.