Store-Hailing Platform Robomart Launches in California

A new, innovative store-hailing platform that brings mobile mini-marts to customers has launched in West Hollywood, California.
Robomart selection

The company, Robomart, completed a pilot test in the same area in December last year, according to Progressive Grocer. 

Robomart has launched a fleet of their on-demand mobile mini-marts, which consumers can hail via the company’s app and have it arrive at their location in 10 minutes. The service works similar to Uber, in that customers hail a mobile store. When it arrives at their location, they open the doors with the app and select their own items. To pay, customers simply take their selections, place them in a bag and walk off thanks to Robomart’s proprietary RFID-based checkout-free system.

At this time, Robomart has launched two service offerings, including a Pharmacy Robomart and a Snacks Robomart. The pharmacy offering includes a number of everyday items and essentials, such as shampoo, hand sanitizer, ibuprofen and more, while the snacks offering includes ready-to-eat products such as chocolates, chips, soft drinks and other snack products.

Executive Summary

The 10-minute on-demand service makes Robomart the fastest delivery service currently available. Its launch comes as other on-demand delivery services are ramping up their capabilities to deliver online or app orders faster, with increasing competition. 

For example, micro-fulfillment company Gopuff recently acquired rideOS to improve its fleet dispatch and delivery services.

Robomart has teamed up with REEF, the largest operator of logistics and mobility hubs and neighborhood kitchens in North America, to manage product stocking, tagging, scanning, integrity and replenishment for its West Hollywood launch.

Robomart made its debut in 2018 at the CES tradeshow, creating the first-ever self-driving grocery store. And Robomart plans to launch a self-driving fleet as regulations allow. The company is also still in the development phase of building out Grocery Robomart, which will carry fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other refrigerated items.

Executive summary

“We’re incredibly excited to launch Robomart in West Hollywood and introduce consumers to the latest innovation in retail,” Ali Ahmed, co-founder of Robomart, said in a statement. “In the past decade, online delivery services have grown substantially and filled a need in the market; however, there are still many challenges that make these services undesirable for consumers. With Robomart, we’re disrupting the industry and have received incredible feedback from consumers on how this is the most convenient way to shop--delivering the fastest and most seamless shopping experience--which other delivery services simply can’t offer.”

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