SuitShop Wants to Create a Biodegradable Suit

SuitShop is working on a prototype for a 100% biodegradable suit.

The suiting brand company says the latest endeavor is part of the company’s aim to make more sustainable fashion. Sustainability is SuitShop’s top priority for 2022, the company stated. 

SuitShop’s latest innovation comes as the retailer is facing a wedding boom. After postponing large gatherings and in-person events in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, weddings are back in full force in 2022. In fact, this year is expected to hold a record number of weddings. SuitShop is a popular wedding suit outfitter, with a robust digital offering for online orders.

Creating a biodegradable suit is an ambitious task for the outfitter, and the idea comes as consumers are demanding more transparency from retailers. In particular, younger consumers are eager for more sustainable options from retailers and brands. It is fairly common for suits and gowns to be worn only once at weddings, further limiting the sustainability of these garments. 

SuitShop’s biodegradable prototype, named The Earth Day suit, is made from a non-dyed, 100% linen and a silky smooth Cupro (vegan silk) lining that uses no animal byproducts. The thread is composed of 100% cotton, and the buttons are 100% Corozo, a natural, eco-friendly product with a similar feel to ivory and constructed from palm tree seeds.

Once the suit reaches the end of its life, it can be buried, and its materials will break down into compost within 18-24 months.

SuitShop has introduced other sustainability initiatives this year, including its Eco Stretch fabric made from a 38% poly-recyclable material, woven with threads created from approximately 25 plastic bottles per suit. The fabric was initially introduced with the release of their four new spring colors and will soon be incorporated into their entire collection of suits. The fabric is both more sustainable and provides stretch.

"We see the suits we offer as core fashion staples that can be reworn countless times to a variety of events,” Co-founders Jeanne Foley and Diana Ganz said in a statement. “However, we realize that what happens to the suit after it is discarded is just as important as its reusability. The Earth Day Suit is our response. Our Eco Stretch fabric is a stride toward ensuring our suits' initial construction is also green.”