Via.Delivery Launches US Network for E-Commerce Retailers

Amid shipping challenges and price hikes, e-commerce retailers have a new way to ship products to customers.

Via.Delivery, an alternative delivery location company, has launched a new U.S. delivery network that enables pure-play e-commerce sellers to offer shoppers the ability to buy products online and pick up their packages at thousands of convenient commercial locations. The network includes 20,000-plus alternative delivery locations on Via.Delivery’s new technology platform. 

Instead of paying more for shipping directly to their home, consumers can save money from their favorite pure-play e-commerce retailers to pick up their orders at convenient locations near their homes or workplace. The network capitalizes on the Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS) trend. 

“Everyone is aware of the current labor market situation and supply chain slowdowns. Our alternative delivery network will reduce the number of routes carriers take to deliver packages, clearing logistical logjams,” Mitchell Nikitin, CEO and co-founder of Via.Delivery, told Retail Leader. “So, instead of dropping off one package to a single location in the middle of a neighborhood, the driver can deliver ten times as many items in one stop. Alternative delivery is also the most effective way to prevent holiday porch piracy.

Retailers that do not implement BOPIS will struggle, according to Via.Delivery, as the consumer demand continues to rise. Analysts expect merchants that offer low-cost shipping and the flexibility to pick up online orders will gain customers from retailers that do not. 

“COVID has increased the number of online orders overall, but BOPIS is booming and it’s here to stay,” Nikitin said. “The biggest reason is that it reduces shipping costs for online shoppers which will continue to be important post pandemic.”

The company also touts e-commerce retailers leveraging its delivery network will be able to better compete with Amazon’s robust delivery capabilities.

“E-commerce is booming, and, with COVID-19, the shipping and delivery markets have gone through the roof,” Nikitin said in a statement. “By combining our 20,000-location strong network with our powerful digital logistics and cloud-based delivery platform, the millions of online retailers that need to provide more affordable shipping options to their customers now have a reliable path forward.”

Retailers can leverage Via.Delivery's digital logistics and cloud-based delivery platform to: activate BOPIS; ship orders to thousands of BOPIS locations; and automatically alert shoppers of shipping and delivery status. E-commerce retailers can get up and running with BOPIS almost instantly through Via.Delivery’s API or Shopify plug-in.

Via.Delivery has more than 150 pure-play e-commerce merchants on its technology platform and more than 66,000 alternative delivery locations around the world. Via.Delivery is based in Menlo Park, California, with offices in Moscow, Russia. The company plans to continue expanding and is currently in talks to enter the Canadian market.