A collection of featured videos.

A collection of featured videos.


  • How retailers can drive media revenue

    Leading customer data science platform company dunnhumby has some advice for retailers looking to grow alternative revenue streams – create a media business that leverages data.
  • Retail experience begins with the network

    Beautiful stores and well-trained employees will take a retailer only so far. True advantage is gained with secure, reliable, interconnected and always on systems capable of handling the massive data requirements shoppers’ expectations are placing on retailers.
  • Get dynamic pricing right, cut promotional waste

    Promotional waste and flawed thinking about dynamic pricing are killing retailer profits. Cheryl Sullivan, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer with Revionics, makes sense of the situation and what to do next.
  • The only thing you need to know about AI

    Artificial intelligence was everywhere at the NRF Big Show, but if it’s not informing product strategy and driving sustainable, profitable revenue what good is it? Sy Fahimi, SVP of Product Strategy at Symphony RetailAI, describes how AI is changing retail for the better.
  • Uncomfortable change ahead, all good for category management

    Major changes are ahead for how retailers and suppliers execute product planning cycles. As category management becomes more data driven and impacted by AI, planning cycles will be determined by consumer data rather than traditional planning cycles.  
  • Achieving the perfect forecast is possible

    Dramatic improvements in forecast accuracy are being made possible thanks to artificial intelligence, according to Patrick Buellet, Chief Strategy Officer at Symphony RetailAI.
  • Category managers have a new best friend

    The advent of artificial intelligence is letting category managers do what seemed impossible just a few years ago.
  • The outlook for AI in retail

    Artifical intelligence is poised to transform retail, according to Symphony RetailAI Chairman and CEO Pallab Chatterjee. His firm has developed a framework to identify, activate and realize the benefits AI can bring to retailers' assortment, promotions, category management and supply chain decisions.
  • Inside the most beautiful store in America

    Three years after opening a supermarket that helped revitalize downtown Cleveland the Heinen brothers are moving fast to leverage data and serve shoppers in new ways.
  • Making sense of behavioral economics

    The artful application of “nudging,” long used in physical retail, is the key to unlock digital growth as well, according to Scott Young, Global CEO of the shopper marketing and insights firm PRS IN VIVO. Young knows what makes shoppers tick and why we’re irrational beings.
  • Balancing personalization and privacy

    As an innovator in the field of personalization, Catalina has been helping brands and retailers target shoppers for more than two decades. Hear Catalina Chief Marketing Officer Marta Cyhan’s views on what’s changed and achieving equilibrium between shoppers’ increased personalization expectations and resurgent privacy concerns.
  • Amazon Prime Day predictions from Clavis

    “Crushing it with Amazon,” was the title of Clavis Insight Chief Marketing Officer Danny Silverman’s presentation at Summit. Check out his views on how companies can grow with Amazon and also avoid being “CRAPed” by the company.

A collection of featured videos.