Walmart Debuts Shop-by-Diet Tool

Walmart has teamed up with Sifter, a “nutrition-as-a-service platform,” to enable customers to shop by their chosen diets.
Walmart storefront

With the new shop-by-diet tool, a customer can more easily find products that fit their wellness goals and needs. For example, a shopper who avoids dairy or is allergic to it can toggle on “dairy-none” while shopping online to see products that match their diet and scan items to see if they adhere to their dietary limitations.

The new tool comes at a time when 200 million consumers say they adhere to a diet or health-related program. Another 85 million have allergies or food avoidances when shopping. Sifter specializes in a science-based “sifting” technology with more than 130 diet and nutrition filters for the consumers who avoid food allergens or follow a special health diet. 

Common food allergies or avoidants and diets supported by the tool include nuts or dairy; medical diets such as diabetes and heart health; and dozens of lifestyle diets, from vegan to keto to kosher. In addition, the tool can be used to find products based practices, such as grass-fed, or items that won’t interact with medications.

“Partnering with Walmart to support customer wellness is exciting for everyone at Sifter," said Andrew Parkinson, co-founder of Sifter. "Sifter’s passion is to make healthy eating easy for everyone. Walmart’s Shop-by-Diet tool will help millions of its customers better manage their health through diet and nutrition."