Walmart Leans into Livestream Shopping with Talkshoplive

Walmart is expanding its livestream shopping offerings with regular programming through a partnership with Talkshoplive, a live social commerce platform.

Walmart already has an established relationship with Talkshoplive after conducting a trial period in 2021 to allow the retailer to provide shoppable content through Talkshoplive’s embeddable video player directly on, MSN shopping tab and other product partner sites. The company has a patent-pending video player that enables customers to purchase products within the video content, while its integration permits all of Walmart’s distribution partners to produce and share shoppable live content of their own.

Walmart and Talkshoplive debuted four live shopping shows over the holiday season in 2021, featuring creators Rachael Ray, Drew Barrymore, Ree Drummond and IGN. Walmart reported strong engagement and positive sales directly from the show.

In an expansion of that partnership, Walmart has launched eight Talkshoplive shopping experiences and regular programming scheduled through March. The upcoming Talkshoplive programming celebrates Black History Month with “Black-Founded Brands Week” hosted by Kim Kimble, Jermaine Dupri and more, plus International Women’s Week with “Women Entrepreneurs Week.”

“As a scalable live commerce solution for businesses and creators of all sizes, Walmart is expanding its partnership with Talkshoplive,” Casey Schlaybaugh, vice president of brand at Walmart, said in a statement. “The success of our initial launch has proven Talkshoplive as the partner to give Walmart’s customers live, shoppable content embeddable within Walmart’s ecommerce platform. We are excited to use Talkshoplive as a tool to continue connecting with our customers, bringing both entertainment and product information to one place.”

Walmart is not the only retailer to experiment with livestream shopping as of late. The digital shopping experience is popular in China, and retailers are increasingly testing new ways to leverage the shopping experience into sales in the U.S. Most recently, Lowe’s introduced a DIY-U learning platform that enables home improvement shoppers to sign up for home improvement workshops that focus on specific home projects and also enable live shopping. The retailer also offers DIY-U workshops in stores. 

Hasbro launched its first-ever livestream shopping event last year during the holiday season, picking up Emmy Award-winning TV personality Daphne Oz and Buzzfeed contributor Iván Emilio as hosts. The virtual shopping experience featured special guests and activities, including gift-wrapping tips and product demonstrations broadcast live on Hasbro’s Instagram and Facebook Live channels. 

As more retailers jump into the space, livestream solution providers are also gaining traction. Popshop Live, a livestream shopping community, raised an estimated $20 million in a Series A funding round last year, reaching a valuation of $100 million.

Talkshoplive has teamed up with other major brands, such as Hearst and BuzzFeed, for their social selling strategies. A pilot with P&G and Talkshoplive is also slated to launch in March. The company pegs itself as a hub for producers, encompassing A-list celebrities, social media creators, big-box retailers, small businesses and more. Talkshoplive also boasts that its events statistically have three to nine times more in sales than other online pre-orders with a 45% organic cart-to-purchase ratio. 

“As livestream shopping is adopted in North America, every brand and retailer is now looking at what their livestream shopping strategy should be––it is a testament to our partnership with Walmart that they see TalkShopLive as their scalable solution that is always on,” Bryan Moore, Talkshoplive CEO and co-founder, said in a statement. “Walmart is a leader and innovator in the space. Together, our partnership allows them to seamlessly integrate and drive distribution with publishers, creators and their suppliers—ultimately connecting the retail landscape to increase sales conversions, build customer loyalty and create shopping experiences that everyone is talking about.”