What retailers and brands need to know about AI

Symphony RetailAI's annual Xcelerate conference is where food and consumables retailers go to understand the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence. Retail Leader Editor Mike Troy was there and spoke with eight digital innovators about how advanced technologies are helping retailers and brands better serve shoppers. See what they had to say below...


Improving forecast accuracy

In the age of AI, the potential exists to create highly accurate demand forecasts by integrating, and analyzing, contextual data. Senior solutions consultant Patrick O’Mara explains how it works.


New Product and store experience Success

Andy Harris, director of virtual and augmented reality at Symphony RetailAI, explains how technology is helping retailers and brands understand emotions and the subconscious to make better decisions.


The total store view

Retailers need a unified system to gain visibility into the performance of the perimeter and center store if they want to unlock opportunities that aren’t readily apparent. Shaina Finch shares some examples.


Marketing gets personal

AI makes marketing more effective by delivering the right offers at the right time to individuals, all while avoiding potential land mines associated with personalization efforts. Jason Mathew, director of products, explains how.


Shelf intelligence explained

Shelf edge intelligence is massively important in an omnichannel world where accurate fulfillment of online orders requires precise knowledge of on-shelf availability. Solutions consultant Abby Haynes explain how retailers can gain a shelf edge advantage.


A category manager's Dream come true

The Conversational Insights and Decision Engine known as CINDE has advanced considerably since its introduction several years ago. CINDE 3.0 is due out next year and Stuart Sadler, VP of the category management solution, offered a glimpse of CINDE’s new capabilities.


Promotion optimization in action

Optimizing promotions is one of the most compelling use cases for AI. Category managers can improve forecast accuracy, automate marketing plan creation and then optimize for maximum effect. Dipu Mukherjee, VP of product management CPG solutions, describes how promotion optimization is disrupting retail.


Agile Merchandising explained

Retailers can unlock the potential of physical stores through more frequent resets that keep pace with shoppers' thirst for newness and innovation. Antoine Pointillart explains how.