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Adopt a “be better” mindset to make a difference on diversity and inclusion.

Cannabis Becomes A Category

Regardless of whether you are for or against legalization, adult adoption of cannabis has arrived at an inflection point with huge implications for the retail and CPG world. More than half of the U.S.

We recently published a study sizing up the risks of counterfeiting that indicated a tenth of all food purchases in the developed world are in some way contaminated by counterfeit ingredients.

The ability to understand, predict and ideally shape consumer behavior lies at the heart of today’s heightened interest in analytics and the growing appreciation for the huge potential of data-driven insights. Retailers consistently ranked analytics as a strategic priority in the recently releas

The ability for anyone, anywhere, to know virtually anything is transforming the retail and consumer goods world in new, exciting and incredibly challenging ways. By Dan Wilkinson Today's consumers are empowered in ways few saw coming just 10 y

The accelerating pace of technology driven change continues to heighten consumer expectations. In our on-demand economy, services like UberX, Amazon Prime and Starbucks Order Ahead, have redefined what "convenience" means to shoppers.

One of the least talked about but most important risks facing retailers and brands is the illegality that occurs in the production and processing of the raw materials they buy, and the impact this has on their bottom lines. In 2016 alone Interpol seized more than 10,000 metric tons and 1 million

We often profess to be surprised, even shocked, by things that were eminently predictable. Our industry is facing two such events. While we don't know their timing, it is eminently predictable that these events will occur.